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EmSculpt NEO® is the hottest non-surgical procedure to simultaneously burn fat and tone muscles offered at the best aesthetic clinic Dubai. This cutting-edge, non-invasive aesthetic procedure works quickly and effectively to produce noticeable results. There is no downtime; one session takes only 30 minutes, effectively reducing resistant fat while gaining muscle in the body's desired area. EmSculpt NEO® can provide a more sculpted and thinner appearance by removing up to 30% subcutaneous fat in the targeted areas in a single session. Proudly one of the first clinics in the Middle East to offer the EmSculpt NEO, a women’s best choice to reduce love handles through body shaping.


EmSculpt NEO® is widely regarded as the best body contouring system to tone muscle and eliminate excess fat. This is achieved using HIFEM (intense electromagnetic energy) and non-invasive RF (radio frequency) energy.

HIFEM deep stimulations allow up to 20,000 muscle contractions in targeted areas to tone muscles.  Whereas RF heats the tissue and painlessly reduces fat. Between these two technologies, muscles undergo deep remodelling and fat is eliminated through normal metabolic processes.

After the first session, you will see the difference, and improvements will continue for up to three months. Your muscles will be firmer and tighter, and the skin will appear smoother. Achieving an overall slimness, we all yearn for. This body contouring treatment really works.



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Full Recovery


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Before Care

  • Please stay hydrated
  • Wear comfortable clothing to allow flexibility for correctly positioning your limbs during the treatment.
  • Remove all metallic accessories such as jewellery, undergarments, and zippers.


  • Measurements and photos will be taken so we have a clear idea of where we started and what is achieved after the first session.
  • You will then lie down and have applicators placed on the treatment areas.
  • An intense yet tolerable heating sensation will be felt along with the muscle contractions.

After Care

  • To maintain and promote your ideal body shape, eating well and regularly exercising will guarantee permanent results
  • There is no downtime, and you can continue your day as usual.
  • The dead cells will be flushed out, so it is essential to drink plenty of water.

Side effects

  • Some people may experience dizziness or pain, although this subsides after the treatment.
  • Some muscle soreness may be experienced, like after going to the gym.
  • Any bruising fades away within seven days.


  • Results can be seen from the first session.
  • The levels of comfort are high, and there is no downtime.
  • Toned muscles and less visible fat.
  • Non-invasive and suitable for troublesome body parts.
  • Confidence is boosted with the perfect figure.
  • Both men and women who are fit and healthy but struggling to lose fat in certain areas or build muscle will find this works.
  • This works best for clients with a BMI of less than 35; for a higher BMI – talk to our team to discuss other solutions.
  • To maintain long-lasting results, it is essential that you already live a healthy lifestyle.
  • After the treatment, a balanced diet and regular exercise will ensure that results continue indefinitely.

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