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Women have long believed that full lips signify youthfulness and femininity. Our non-surgical enhancements for luscious lips include Juvéderm® or Restylane, improving symmetry, volume, and balance. Lip fillers are widely used to make lips look fuller and more defined. Depending on your preferences, they can be used for aesthetic or anti-ageing treatments.


Lip fillers are injectables using hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring element in the body. This adds volume to the lips and smooths wrinkles around the mouth area, providing better definition and shape. As they are temporary, they offer a non-permanent solution for those wanting to change their appearance without a long-term commitment.

The ingredients are designed to keep the movement and feel of your lips natural for women of all ages and lip shapes.  With age, our skin matures and reduces the production of elastin fibres, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. Wrinkles and fine lines start to appear, and lips lose their fullness over time.

As lips become thinner, they further lose their volume and definition. Lip fillers treat lip lines or borders (smokers’ lines), returning volume and shape. For those hoping to plump their lips by providing more volume, lip fillers are ideal for creating a hydrated look for the lip body. These can be improved if you want to enhance your philtrum columns (the lines leading from your upper lip to the nose). Finally, for the perfect cupid bow lips, for the V-shape in the middle of your top lip, fillers can be used to contour the upper lip.


Lip Fillers

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Lip Fillers

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Lip Fillers


Lip Fillers

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Lip Fillers

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Lip Fillers





  • The first step is for a personalised consultation with our highly skilled doctor.
  • The Doctor will analyse your lips and the surrounding area to assess the best treatment for you.
  • They will review your medical history and understand your requests and expectations.
  • Before the treatment, the area is cleaned and made numb with an anaesthetic cream.
  • A solution containing hyaluronic acid will be injected into your lips, combined with water under the skin to enhance volume and smooth surface lines.
  • You will feel little to no pain during this minimally invasive lip filler process.

After Care

  • Our doctors will advise you to stay away from the sun, do energetic exercise and make up for at least 24 hours after the treatment.

Side effects

  • There are minimal side effects, and you might experience some mild redness, tenderness, bruising or swelling.
  • This will only last a few days

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Getting lip fillers is an entirely personal decision. To be considered for lip fillers, you need to be:

  • In good physical health
  • Have realistic expectations.
  • Have zero oral infections in or around your mouth, like cold sores.

There are a few reasons why you might want lip fillers, and these include:

  • As we get older, our lips tend to become smaller and thinner or even longer and flatter. Lip fillers help restore your lips to the size you had when you were younger.
  • Some people have asymmetric lips, and lip fillers can shape them to look more balanced.
  • Wrinkles develop on the sides of our mouths when we laugh and smile, and you may have lip fillers to smooth out these wrinkles.
  • To improve your self-esteem and body image, you may want them to boost your confidence.
  • Lip fillers are also known to correct a gummy smile when combined with Neuromodulator.
Lip fillers do not stop the ageing process; they delay the need for invasive lip augmentation surgeries. The main reasons we lose volume in our lips are genetics, smoking, sun damage or a combination of these factors.

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